Fifield Bavant Church

Fifield Bavant Church

Fifield Bavant Church on 5th April 2009

Fifield Bavant Church on 5th April 2009

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St Martin's
Fifield Bavant

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Fifield Bavant Church Restoration Appeal; contact William Hillary,

Fifield Bavant Bell Turret

The South Wilts Church Magazine dated October 1909 says:-

"THE BELL TURRET. - This little addition to our parish Church is now very nearly finished. It will give a finish to the little building and make it look like a Church. When the workmen depart we shall have from one source or another to find the money to pay the builder. Mr Herrington of the farm will be most pleased to receive any donation however small towards the extinction of this necessary debt."

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This is the Chalke Valley Bulletin for March 23rd 2023 (PDF document, may take a little time to download).

This is the 2023 Lent Project (PDF document, may take a little time to download).

Message from Rev'd Catherine Blundell

Dear All,
After 7 ½ years as Team Rector I will be leaving the Benefice in January 2023 when David and I will be moving to our cottage in Devon.
Bishop Andrew has written:
The Revd Catherine Blundell has decided to retire as the Team Rector, with effect from 31st January 2023. Catherine’s last Sunday will be the 8th January 2023.
These last 7 years have been fabulous, sometimes fraught, but full of laughter and joy. I will never forget them, and I will certainly never live in such a beautiful place again. Yes, Devon is lovely, but the Chalke Valley is very special indeed.
I do not know what work I will be doing next, I am not going to another Benefice, instead I will take some time off and listen to God’s call.
This will be unsettling news for some people but there are plans in place to make sure all parishes receive pastoral care and cover on Sunday’s. Jenny and Ruth (who knew about this before she was interviewed), will both lead you all through the vacancy.
This will be a long goodbye and I will get to speak to most of you before we leave.
In the meantime, my sincere thanks, and we will carry on with our plans for the autumn.
Catherine Blundell
Revd Catherine Blundell
Team Rector for the Chalke Valley Churches

For Churchwardens etc who might have missed it, the new arrangements agreed by the clergy for services beginning on Sunday 19th September are:
* Orders of Service: We will return to using the Orders of Service that we used before the pandemic.
* Singing: We will include 4 hymns and those churches that sing the liturgy will recommence doing so.
* Masks will still be advisory especially in the smaller churches when it is busy and when we can no longer keep the doors open.
* We will keep offering hand gel.
* We no longer need to take names of people who attend.
* The chalice. The clergy have discussed this at length and have decided to review offering the chalice at the end of October. Infection rates in Wiltshire are still very high and we want to keep people as safe as possible as long as possible.
With Best Wishes
Geoffrey Taylor
01722 503081

This is the Chalke/Cueibet Partnership Newsletter 8 (PDF document, may take a little time to download).

This is the Fellowship Study Group (PDF document, may take a little time to download).


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