Penny Cottage : Broad Chalke


Penny Cottage purchase on 26th March 1923

Penny Cottage sale letters 1922
Penny Cottage sale 26/03/1923
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Miss Eva Martha Penny purchased the cottage as described above. She walked to Wilton to sign documents. She rented it to Mr and Mrs George Trowbridge, then to Fred Moody, then to Mr and Mrs Frank Jay.

The Broad Chalke Book relates that Mary Penny said that her great aunt Eva Penny used to do village washing in Penny Cottage as it has a well and is close to a stream.

Miss Eveline Rose Burrough purchased it from Flo Penny in 1970 for about £2,000 when it was called Rose Cottage and renamed it Penny Cottage. It had been vacant for some time. It is not likely that Flo Penny (daughter of Sam and Georgina Gurd, married to Billy Penny) and her daughter Hilda Mary Penny ever lived there. Mary Penny (1933 - 2012) is said to have lived in Old Rafters all her life.

Thomas Burrough (2) and William Burrough leased Penny Cottage between 1840 and 1880 for basketmaking, using the withies from the wood at the end of Tank Lane. Abner Burrough was also a basketmaker, but was a minor in 1840 so may not have been mentioned in a lease.

Photos of the cottage in 1970 and 1980

Images © John Burrough

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Penny Cottage in Broad Chalke
Penny Cottage in Broad Chalke

Penny Cottage, Broad Chalke in 1970 showing Axel Burrough under the porch;
William and Abner Burrough rented the cottage in about 1850 for basket-making.